from by Mykal Morrison



She was born outside the barrio,
in the toughest part of town,
Her mother did the best she could with what she had,
father seldom was around,
But when he would come home Mary would have
to run and hide,
Like mama told her don't come out until it's quiet,

This sort of thing went on for many years,
and just one thing had changed,
Now both Mary and her mother,
are the focus of his rage,
When she just cannot take no more she finds the
strength to leave,
And take her chances out there in the street,

Now there's many boots a' marchin,
revolutions in the roads,
Poor Mary never had a chance to flee the place,
they just kicked in the door,
The bad men came they had their way,
that evil group of four,
When they were done, they just left her broken
on the floor,

[Musical Break]

Somehow she wakes up at the mission,
battered and bruised beyond reproach,
It takes some time to heal those wounds,
some are deeper than most,
As soon as she could get back on her feet,
Mary set about her way,
with hopes and plans to flee this life she's lived of pain,

Now Mary's moved out of the country,
seemingly to another world,
She's finally learned to smile again,
found some steady, honest work,
She still dreams of her mother,
prays her father goes to hell,
She looks over her shoulder every now and then,
Hoping she'll never, see the badman come again,


from Elemental, released August 27, 2013
Written by: Mykal Morrison (Lyrics)
Daniel Blom (Music)
Produced By: Mykal Morrison
Arrangements: Daniel Blom, Mykal Morrison

Programing: Mykal Morrison
Sequencing: Mykal Morrison
Editing: Mykal Morrison
Mixing: Mykal Morrison

Recording Engineer: Mykal Morrison
Mastering Engineer: Marc Ward at Elegbaland Studios
Technical Engineer: Andy Lafferty
Technical Support & Solutions: Andy Lafferty

Performance Credits

Vocals: Mykal Morrison
Guitar: Kevin Wasukanis
Bass: Mykal Morrison
Drums: Sequenced by Mykal Morrison
Other: Mykal Morrison (Sequenced Percussion, Textured Sound EFX, Accordian)



all rights reserved


Mykal Morrison West Palm Beach, Florida

Mykal Morrison is an artist based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. His sound is a pleasant departure from the effect laden, overly processed music that floods the airwaves. His first effort is the full length album titled "Elemental". A collection of songs that are remnant of a better time in music. A time when you could get an album, just push play, and let it ride. ... more

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